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    3 Time World Champion Endurance Rider


    Level 3 Centered Riding® Instructor


    Endurance and Centered Riding Clinician







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    Becky Hart is a three-time World Champion and one of the most recognized names in endurance riding. Former USEF Chef d’Equipe and coach for the US Endurance Team, her endurance accomplishments and influence in the sport are far reaching. Becky and her horse, R.O. Grand Sultan (Rio) are in the American Endurance Ride Conference Hall of Fame. In addition, Becky was the Hertz/AHSA Equestrian of the Year, and Chronicle of the Horse Horseman of the Year. Becky was voted America’s Favorite Endurance Equestrian of 2011. Her horse, No Repeat, held the third fastest time for 100 miles in the U.S. Becky has won most major endurance competitions in the United States, including the Race of Champions and the Western States Endurance Ride (the 100 mile Tevis Cup).


    Equestrian Background

    Becky is a level three Centered Riding instructor and loves working with students of all ages and abilities, from beginning lessons to the adult rider. She has been involved with horses since age 6. Her extensive show background includes disciplines of English, Western, jumping, and saddle seat. She participated in Pony Club, earned a Training Certificate at Potomac Horse Center in Maryland and had six years of intense, private study with Mary Fenton, Senior Centered Riding instructor. Becky’s studies also include teaching and riding in classical seat dressage and natural horsemanship.



    Becky is as well-known as a speaker, coach, clinician and instructor as she is for her competitive accomplishments. Combining her skills as a USET master rider and Centered Riding instructor, Becky was a USEF coach and clinician for the 2000 and 2006 world endurance team. She also privately coached several nominated riders and many aspiring endurance riders.



    Becky has been a keynote speaker at many venues. Mental toughness and sports psychology are among her favorite topics. Becky also speaks on endurance riding, Centered Riding and international competition. Some of the venues where Becky has spoken are Equine Affair, The Mane Event, Equitana, Centered Riding Symposium, and the AERC Convention. Becky has given talks and clinics in 15 U.S. states, Canada, France, Scotland, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Italy and Japan.


    All Around Horsewoman

    Becky is down to earth and enjoys working with all levels of equine enthusiasts. Her expertise extends to stable management, saddle fit, choosing the right horse, hosting clinics and organizing endurance rides.


    Purina Ambassador

    Becky feeds all her horses, from world class to school horses, Purina Feeds. She is an ambassador for Purina and would be happy to connect you with a Purina Representative to develop a complete feeding program for your horses. Check out their web site www.purinadifference.com and be sure to register for great savings on feed.


    “Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby to be picked up and laid down like a game of Solitaire. It is a grand passion.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson"


    Learn to Ride

    Due to Covid 19, Becky is teaching students on their own horses. She will travel to your facility. A minimum of four students is required if travel extends beyond 50 miles from San Juan Bautista, CA.


    Learn all about horses and riding with HorsePro Becky Hart. She is a Level 3 Centered Riding Instructor.


    From beginning to advanced, children to adults, Becky enjoys working with all levels and disciplines. She emphasizes safety and fun, using Centered Riding and Natural Horsemanship techniques. Through Centered Riding students learn to move with their horses fluidly and easily. Natural horsemanship teaches students how to effectively communicate with their horses from the ground, which then carries up onto the saddle. Students learn to safely catch, lead, groom and tack up their horses.


    Group lessons are limited to four students so that everyone gets individual attention. Our well mannered schoolmaster horses help students of all levels learn the correct feel.


    Becky is also an outstanding coach for higher-level riders and endurance competitors. Becky has a supportive, positive teaching style and will encourage you to get the best from yourself and your horse while having fun and keeping a light, balanced feel. Private lessons and small-group lessons are available, as well as coaching on the trail. Contact Becky today, and learn from the best!



    Rates - 30 Mile Radius for San Juan Bautista

    Introductory lesson – 90 minutes: $120
    Private hour: $90
    Semi-Private hour : $85
    Group hour: $75

    Save $10/ lesson when paid monthly

    Lessons can be taken on your own horse

    Call, text, or email for rates in your area.



    At your facility. Becky will travel to you.


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    Host a Centered Riding® or Trail/Endurance Clinic or combine the two. Becky has given talks and clinics in 15 US states, Canada, France, Scotland, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Italy and Japan.

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    Private consultations are available for evaluating new horses for purchase or setting up a conditioning program for your current horse.

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    Becky is available to speak about Centered Riding, her achievements in endurance racing, and her conditioning program. Her talks are positive and motivating.

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    Private Study

    Bring your horse and train side by side with Becky — perfect for international and new riders. Combining her skills as a USEF master rider and Centered Riding instructor, Becky was a USEF coach and clinician for the 2000 and 2006 world endurance team, and Chef d'Equipe for the US Endurance Team from 2008-2010. She has also privately coached several nominated and aspiring endurance riders.


    Breathe • Center • Grow

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    Centered Riding is an innovative way of expressing the classical principles of riding, using body awareness, centering, and imagery. It encompasses all seats and styles of riding and teaches a language that allows clearer communication between horse, rider, and instructor. The technique was developed by Sally Swift, author of the best-selling book, Centered Riding, and is now taught by trained instructors world-wide.


    Centered Riding is based on a knowledge of human and horse anatomy, balance, movement, and on understanding how the mind affects the body and how both affect the horse. It uses centering and grounding techniques from the martial arts, along with body awareness, mental imagery and sports psychology. Through increasing body awareness, inhibiting old patterns, and replacing them with a more balanced, free, and coordinated use of self, both horse and rider can move more freely and comfortably, and develop their best performance.


    “The ultimate goal of Centered Riding is not to be a discipline unto itself. It must go forward in its purest and least complicated form so it may be integrated into all disciplines of riding.” ~ Sally Swift


    What are the benefits of Centered Riding?

    Centered Riding teaches you how to help your body do what you need to do in order to ride well. The techniques help promote suppleness, stability, and clearer aids, making riding more comfortable for both horse and rider. As you learn and experience the principles through your horse’s motion and responses, you and your horse tune in to each other and work together in harmony. These techniques can increase confidence and enjoyment and release tension in horses and riders, making training easier. They also help people cope with old injuries or chronic conditions that cause pain during or after riding.


    Centered Riding is used successfully by riders and instructors of all ages, interests, and levels, from pleasure riders to international competitors, and in therapeutic riding. It can be applied to any type of horse or horsemanship. Most of all, it makes riding more enjoyable for horses and riders. Become a rider member. Go to www.centeredriding.org for more information.


    Meet the Four Basics

    Using the diaphragm and breathing correctly for better posture, relaxation, and energy


    Using the center of balance, movement and control, located deep in the body, gives quiet strength, harmony and power, as in the oriental martial arts.


    Aligns the riders body for improved balance, straightness, and ease of movement.


    Encourage visual and physical awareness, better peripheral vision, and improved “feel.”


    The foundation on which the four basics rest. A sensation of connection with the ground.


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    Endurance riding is the fastest growing equestrian discipline in the world. While the international competition distance is 100 miles, a rider can choose to ride anywhere from 25, 50, 75 or 100 miles. There are even multi-day rides where you can ride every day for 3 to 5 days. The multi-day rides are often historical, covering pony express or wagon train trails. Other rides take place in national forests, county and state parks and private lands.


    In no other discipline do horse and rider have such a close bond. The rider must know the needs of the horse in order to keep him fit and able to travel long distances. Horses are checked by veterinarians before, during and after the ride to be sure they fit and able to continue on.


    Endurance competition is for all levels of horses and riders. Any breed of horse can do it, although Arabians and Arabian crosses are the most suited physiologically. A truly great horse and rider can move up through the ranks and aspire to making the U.S. endurance team and competing in world competitions.


    Products Becky Uses for Optimal Performance

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    Equipedic Pads

    The Ultimate in Equine Comfort

    I have used these pads with great success on mulit-day, fifty and one hundred mile rides. The endurance pad has one inch inserts with the highest level impact load deflection are available. Many colors and styles are available.


    Equipedic also sells AirElastic girths and cinches, HoloSocks, splint boots, and more. Check out the products at www.equipedic.com and contact Becky to order.

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    Bemer Veterinarian

    Optimize Your Horse's Health

    With the use of the Bemer Vet, your horse will benefit from faster recovery, regeneration of muscle tissue, and more efficient hydration. Bemer applications boost blood flow, thus benefiting the body's cardiac system, regenerative abilities and even mental acuity. Imagine your horse being better tomorrow than today . . .


    For more information go to beckyharthorsepro.bemergroup.com.

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    Purina Products

    Optimize Your Horse's Diet

    Becky is also an ambassador for Purina and would be happy to connect you with a Purina Representative to develop a complete feeding program for your horses. I have been using this feed for twenty years with confidence that my horses' nutritional needs are being met, well proven by our many successes. Check out their web site — https://www.purinamills.com/horse-feed — and be sure to register for great savings on feed.

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    Riding Warehouse

    A Great Resource for Tack and Riding Wear

    Riding Warehouse is now sponsoring Becky! Go to their web site to find everything you need for you and your horse. http://www.ridingwarehouse.com/trail.html?from=group 


    Get in touch!